Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP is a full-service law firm founded upon a shared philosophy about the practice of law that brought all of the principals together. We believe that the clients' needs are paramount; that the lawyer's service to his or her client is the central focus of the practice. We each devote ourselves to keeping a competitive advantage for our clients by pursuing education, skills, training, and familiarity with the latest technology and information gathering products and services. We pledge to handle your legal matter competently and diligently in accordance with the highest standards of our profession.

We know the value of training able staff and support persons to serve our clients' needs. Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP intends to create an intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying environment for all lawyers and staff which will guarantee longevity of service to our clients.

The members of the firm specialize in complex business, construction, and real estate litigation in both state and federal courts, real estate and commercial transactional law, corporate law, as well as entertainment litigation, employment litigation, and federal and state taxation. Our clients have a one-on-one relationship with experienced lawyers ready to apply their critical thinking, advocacy and negotiation skills to each situation.

Our clients need practical solutions to their legal problems at a fair price. We provide our clients with cost-effective solutions by vigilantly managing our cases. We will assure that your dollars spent relating to a legal matter will buy the best value in the marketplace. If appropriate, we prepare a detailed budget for your approval, and monitor that budget throughout the case. In all cases, we will keep you informed of our progress. Prevention of litigation and containment of legal costs in the event of litigation are our principal concerns for our clients, recognizing that we cannot succeed unless we assist our clients to succeed in their own businesses.

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