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Business Litigation, Trials & ADR
The litigation group handles all aspects of dispute resolution. We represent our clients in state and federal court trials and pre-trial litigation, bankruptcy court proceedings (including adversary actions), proceedings before the U.S. Tax Court and other governmental agencies, as well as representation in all forms of private dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. The litigation practice emphasizes complex business litigation, with specialization in real estate, construction, entertainment, clinical research services, employment, business torts, intellectual property, and insurance law.

The firm strives to achieve the best result for our clients by means of the speediest, most economical, and just procedures available. We encourage clients to question each strategy, and to challenge each tactic. We know that the best results can only be achieved when a lawyer and a client communicate effectively at each stage of the proceeding.

Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP has experience in a wide range of business litigation matters, including:
    • Real estate and construction law matters
    • Contract disputes
    • Landlord/Tenant disputes
    • Clinical Research/Clinical Trials Services (Pharma/CRO Disputes)
    • RICO actions
    • Entertainment law litigation
    • Business tort actions
    • Discrimination and wrongful-discharge disputes
    • Partnership and corporate dissolutions
    • Trademark and trade name infringement actions
    • Trade Secret actions
    • Lender liability actions
    • Unfair trade practices actions
    • Trusts, estates and probate proceedings
    • NYSE, NASD and PSE securities arbitrations
    • Insurance coverage and bad faith (first and third party) disputes
    • Attorney and professional malpractice disputes
    • Fiduciary malfeasance and misconduct disputes
    • Adversarial proceedings in Bankruptcy Court
    • Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act actions
    • Franchise Act matters
    • Tax controversies
    • Commercial Collection
    • Debtor’s and Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy
In their dedication to serve the best interests of their clients, the attorneys of Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP consistently explore different means of resolving disputes rather than through traditional litigation. Thus our attorneys will often recommend to clients alternative forms of dispute resolution through the use of mediation or arbitration, where they serve as counsel to the parties involved, provide neutral evaluation of disputes, and serve as settlement counsel.

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Real Estate Transactions & Litigation
In light of Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP’s broad business experience, clients rely on the firm for creative, practical structuring of a wide spectrum of organizational, financial and operational transactions.

Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP is frequently responsible for the negotiation and documentation of multi-million dollar transactions and the formation, servicing, mergers, acquisitions and sales of substantial business entities. The members of the firm are highly-respected for their comprehensive real estate practice, representing real estate owners, developers and managers in all phases of acquisition, financing, development, leasing and sales.

Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP provides counsel on:
    • Commercial and residential real property purchases, sales, leasing and financing
    • Development of shopping centers, mixed-use complexes and mini-malls, including entitlement, building permit, construction and management issues
    • Formation and operation of corporations, limited and general partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies and other business entities
    • Acquisitions, mergers and sales of businesses
    • Shareholder and partnership buy-outs
    • Tax structuring
    • Employment law
    • Environmental compliance
    • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) actions
    • Problem loans, work-outs and debt re-structuring
    • Institutional and private financing and capital formation
The litigation group at Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP also handles extensive cases in the area of real estate, real property business and contract disputes. Representing a wide range of clientele that includes developers, lenders, and title insurers, landlords and tenants, we handle such issues as commercial contract disputes, title and escrow disputes, construction defect litigation, leasing and facilities management disputes, landlord/tenant disputes and unlawful detainer actions.

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Corporate and Partnership Law and Disputes
Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP has extensive experience in the formation and management of different forms of business entities. Our firm represents numerous organizations, both well-established and newly formed, and which include limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures, and corporations. In addition to businesses and individuals, we represent minority and majority shareholders, partners and members, corporations, partnerships and joint ventures, in connection with the following issues:
    • Business formation, dissolution, planning and dispute resolution
    • Contracts – Drafting and Negotiation
    • Shareholder and member relations
    • Director and officer liability
    • Employment issues
    • Securities
    • Taxes
    • Compensation
    • Business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions
    • Shareholder, partnership and member disputes
    • Ownership and management disputes
    • Disputes surrounding the fair valuation of minority interests
    • Partnership, member and corporate disputes involving severance issues and fiduciary duties; re
       turn of capital; allocation of receivables and pension benefits

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Entertainment Law and Litigation
Our firm’s entertainment law department provides specialized legal services for all aspects of the entertainment industry, with particular emphasis on the domestic and international music business and related arbitration and litigation matters. Our firm represents multi-platinum recording artists, record producers, writers and publishers, as well as independent record companies, managers, special effects designers, and television and motion picture personalities. Among the areas of our transactional practice are:
    • Artist recording agreements and record production
    • Domestic and international licensing and distribution
    • Domestic music publishing and administration
    • International music sub-publishing, licensing and administration
    • Songwriter/music publisher agreements
    • Industry executive employment agreements
    • Audio-visual production, distribution and licensing agreements
    • Merchandising and product/service endorsements
    • Personal management and agency matters
    • Book publishing
    • Television and motion picture composing and licensing agreements
    • Master and publishing licensing for commercial advertising
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Construction Law and Disputes
Hamburg, Karic, Edwards & Martin LLP represents owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors providing legal counsel on various issues relating to construction law and disputes in the following areas:
    • Construction Disputes: Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation
    • Construction Contract Drafting and Negotiation
    • Mechanic's Liens & Foreclosure
    • Real Estate Development and Planning
    • Construction Debt Collection
    • Subcontractor and Material Agreements
    • Property Damage and Liability Issues
    • Zoning Issues
    • Bond Claims
    • Defects and Construction Failures
    • Scope of Work Disputes
    • Delay & Disruption Claims
    • Competitive Bidding Disputes
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A portion of our firm has vast experience in bankruptcy law and all aspects of bankruptcy-related work, including:
    • Filing Bankruptcy for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 cases
    • Commercial Collection
    • Debtor’s and Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy
    • Commercial Bankruptcy
    • Adversary Actions
    • Relief from Stay
    • Consumer Bankruptcy
    • Collections and Repossessions
    • Debt Discharge
    • Foreclosures
    • Reorganizations and Restructuring (corporate and personal)
    • Negotiation of Workout Agreements
    • Partnership and Joint Venture Buy-Outs, Dissolutions and Liquidations
    • Chapters 11 Reorganizations and Plan Negotiations
    • Debtor Financing and Borrowing
    • Claims Litigation
    • Appeals
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Employment Law and Disputes
Our firm represents employers and employees with respect to a variety of employment-related issues and disputes. Our attorneys have experience in the following areas of employment law, including general issues and legal disputes involving:
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Retaliatory Termination
    • Employment Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Breach of Contract
    • Hour & Wage Law Dispute
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Employee Benefits
    • Unemployment Benefits
    • Personnel Polices
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Trade Secret Agreements
    • Confidentiality/Proprietary Information Agreements
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